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False Start [SouMako]


there is absolutely not point to this fic except making twinkmastertoudou happy

The thing was, Tachibana Makoto grew up fucking delicious – no, seriously, Sousuke would be a complete idiot if he didn’t at least try and get all over that body. The angelic personality and the killer combination of adorable and awkward didn’t hurt either, so he was determined to get closer to Iwatobi’s captain or die trying. Not that he expected much trouble in that department – even if they didn’t know each other all that well, the odds were in his favor because it was a universal truth that Tachibana Makoto liked everyone.

Joint practices were both a blessing and a curse. Nanase was there to distract Rin again and it irked him to no end, but on the other hand… Tachibana swimming was a sight to behold. Sousuke would have a lot to say about his technique or his stamina but somehow it didn’t make watching Tachibana in the water any less enjoyable. Watching Tachibana out of the water wasn’t bad either, as he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest and watched his teammates’ performance with a gentle smile.

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having strong levels of attachment to several different characters and series is incredibly difficult because it’s like. who do i set as my phone background. and laptop background. what do i center my theme and url around. who do i put as my icon

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Rin: Uozumi, Momo…both of you have equally strong feelings about the relay. In that respect, neither of you surpasses the other. But if we consider the results from today’s individual events, there’s only one good choice we can make for the good of the team.




It was less than a year ago that he was the one being cut from the relay team. He knows how horrible it feels, especially when it’s something that means so much to you. 

EXACTLY. He knows better than anyone how it feels, and now he is the one who has to make the call - but he pushes through and steps up to the plate and fulfill his duties as a captain. My pride for Rin knows no bounds and yet it keeps going up and up every passing episode, how is this even possible?

Taking on the role of captain means shouldering the responsibility for every member on the team, and this is really forcing Rin to grow up. He understands (remembers) how desperately important the chance to compete in this race is for Uozumi, but in the end he still did what’s best for the team. Even better is his speech to the two - it was full of acknowledgments of their efforts and passion, because even though reality dictates that chances go not to those who trains and dreams the hardest but to those who manage to deliver the results, no-one should ever have their hard work rejected.

And it’s not just about Rin’s personal growth either - there’s also the part about him finding his place as a member of the Samezuka swimming club. Because he said that he would take responsibility for his actions:



Rin didn’t just made the mistake of swimming in another team’s race. There’s also the fact that he never really treated the rest of the Samezuka guys as his team, nor did he ever viewed himself as part of their team. And that’s where Mikoshiba comes in:



You’re still on the team, and this team is now yours, so take good care of it. It’s a heavy burden for Rin to bear, but he’s proving to everyone that he has the strength to do this - to be a good captain, to build and be part of his own team, and to lead both the team and himself to victory.

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